About Us

Like all parents we've always wanted to be able to provide the best for our children however sometimes the budget did not always make that possible. Just over 3 years ago I set up a facebook page with the aim of providing new high quality toys and furniture at a more affordable price.

Since then my little page and the business has grown and grown and now its not so little. I started in my spare room on a cold winters day begging friends to like my page, fast forward to now and the page has grown through recommendation alone to nearly 10,000 likes, its outgrown the spare room (good job really as 2 more babies have rendered it not spare!) and we now have proper warehousing and employees! It is still very much a family affair though, my husband or I are always in the warehouse and our eldest son does a lot of the admin from university in Wales! (These are our 4 monkeys pictured)

Our ethos is only to sell items that we would want for our own children. (As parents of 4 we have quite a few things in our house- its very unlikely that a knight will make it to the website as my 5 year old can spot them a mile away in the deliveries!).

The majority of our stock are items from Great Little Trading Company. These are all new but will be customer returns, failed deliveries, items with damaged packaging, excess or discontinued stock or items used as part of the quality control process. We sell both items that are new and in perfect condition but also imperfect new items (these may have been damaged during manufacture or as part of the original delivery). As you look around the website you will see the various items available.

We also sell other gorgeous products that have caught our eye. These are straight from the manufacturer or supplier, we just sell it at the best price possible.

We are not a big faceless organisation and we strive to achieve the best in all that we do. For me personally its all about customer service as you lovely people are the reason that I am now able to spend more time with my babies whilst doing something I love :)

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and love your purchases when they arrive. We always love to see photos (and we use real customer photos for a lot of our product images). If you would like to share we are on facebook www.facebook.com/gorgeouslittlethingsforchildren or Instagram @gorgeouslittlethings4children

Happy Shopping