Northcote Regular Toy Box Base (with Drawer) White Imperfect (non visible) RRP £135

  • £69.00

Do you want amazing interconnecting storage? Then look no further! My favourite thing about the Northcote range is that you can add it piece by piece as budget allows and needs grow. Start small with a base unit and cupboard or go large with a whole wall full...the choice is completely up to you!

The units are pretty easy to assemble and then stack them together) I'd advise no more than 3 high! All units are sold separately but I am happy to help design a storage area!

This is the Regular Toy Box Base which has an RRP of £135. It has imperfections that wont be visible when assembled. One is to the drawer back and the other is to the underside of the top shelf

This is imperfect as it has slight damage to the side ledge and side surround - see photos

Measures Toy Box 28H x 71W x 46D, Shelf 12H x 71W x 36D cm

Self assembly required- I also advise using anti tip straps to secure the unit to the wall

*All of the items sold are either customer returns, failed deliveries, items with damaged packaging, discontinued or excess stock or items used for quality control checks. Each item is fully inspected before being advertised for sale and therefore the packaging may not be pristine*

Delivery is £8.40 for the first unit then is £16 then £24 etc

Our GLTC products are all new but will be customer returns, failed deliveries, items with damaged packaging, excess or discontinued stock or items used as part of the quality control process. For this reason each item is opened and checked before being advertised for sale and packaging may not be perfect.